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  1. Envy And Jealousy.

This work is a Kingdom work and not any man’s work but the devil has found a way to place envy and jealousy in some music ministers heart making them feel that others on top are not suppose to be there because they feel they can sing better than them. If you find yourself there, the devil wants to destroy your ministry, pray yourself out of that mindset with the help of the Holy Spirit and learn to celebrate people God is using to bring souls to the kingdom. If we pray for ourselves more than the gossip and condemnation then allot of ministers would have not fallen.

  1. Bad Motive.

When you enter into the music ministry for fame and money, then be sure that you will not go anywhere. Allot of music ministers just want to blow, make money and fame not thinking about kingdom advancement. Some are even doing business with God’s work at the detriment of souls by charging money for honorarium, and if they don’t give them the amount they want they will not come. At this junction the devil has hijacked that music minister, if you find yourself in these category ask for mercy from God. The word of God says “Put the kingdom of God first and his righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you. Let your focus be on God and not material things and He will lift you up.

  1. Lack Of Excellence.

It’s funny when you hear some ministers say “Don’t mind the voice listen to the lyrics.” Apostle Andy Danauta will say “God can open a door for you, but it takes excellence for you to be accepted” please train your voice music ministers, cause it’s God’s work some don’t even want to spend there money on voice training, good music production etc. How do you want your song to go far when the production is bad, and the voice is not good cause of lack of voice training.

  1. Lack Of Prayers And Bible Studies.

Excellence is only useful when your spiritual life is intact, please music ministers don’t joke with prayers and studying the word of God. The main stage is in the secret place, behold until you are formed by God. You don’t need to tell us you are not here to entertain us by your Ministration people will know. God will also work you through purity and humility if you stay with him🔥🔥

  1. Lack Of Promotion.

As much as the song and production is good, lack of promotion will make that song stay with you and your family. Engage yourself in business so that you can raise money to push your songs on streaming platforms, playlist etc. Know that it’s God’s work so sow willingly in pushing your song cause God has called you for Global impact and not to only your family members and friends, keep pushing until the world hears Jesus through you.

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