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2023 Lusaka July Purple Empire Of Royals: Fashion Analysis

It is that time of the year when the PR Girl Media managing partners and sisters Chishimba and Monde Nyemba put together the best Fashion Gala in the Land Lusaka July…

The sisters and their escortee looked amazing

The 8th Edition of the Lusaka July was held under a Theme The Purple Empire Of Royals. As per Theme, Those that were gracing the occasion where expected to wear Royal Purple Attires..

As is it expected, there always fashion enthusiast who understand the assignment and show up best dressed, on the other hand, there those who come through with fashion fails..

In our analysis this year, we are looking at the Trending Celebrities who made heads turn. Nothing to do with best or worst dressed, we will incorporate Everything in this article.

We will start with the couples..

Yo Maps & Kidist

Your favorite international couple The Olios, Mr and Mrs Mulenga graced the 8th Edition of the Lusaka July for the first time as a couple looking splendid..It is a well known fact that Everytime Kidist and her husband Yo Maps steps out for an event, the dress to k!ll and it was no difference at the Lusaka July.. That dress, was beautiful kudos to the designer, imagine if it was in Royal Purple 😯

Mr & Mrs Kaira

Mr and Mrs Kaira senior Macky 2 and wife Hantinga are not strange faces to the Lusaka July and this year there were gracing the Manda Hill Section..The couple showed up looking lovely but Hantinga would have looked more beautiful if she had worn a dress instead. That’s jumpsuit did not give the vibes we know her for..

F Jay & Fiance Sabina

The King of RnB F Jay alongside his fiance were also in attendance at this year’s biggest fashion gala and they looked beautiful side by side dressed in Royal Purple.

Lets now look at some Celeb’s that turned heads at the 8th Edition of The Lusaka July 2023

Ruth Ronnie

Bestie..! Well Ruth Ronnie is a fashion k!ller, we all know she won last year’ Best Dressed at Lusaka July and this year, she is the talk of he show, she knows how to show up and make a statement.. We must say, that table like attire as it has been nicknamed by many is something no one expected.. The top part of her dress with that Royal Purple Material fit for a Queen she used was the icing on the cake.. Talk about understanding the assignment and delivering, Thats Ruth. Bestie you SERVED🔥

Mutale Mwanza

Media Personality And TV Host Mutale Mwanza has been a gust of the Lusaka July for a couple of time and she has seen her worst days on that stage as she has been criticized for not meeting her fashion standards.. She is one of the biggest social media icon and people expect so much from her. So this year, She pulled her socks, for starters,she landed in a chopper. Yes, a Helicopter and well, vwalala, she showed up in her beautiful Royal Purple bow gown looking like a princess.. Wait, was her dress inspired by Beauty from Beauty and the Beast last dance dress? No wonder it looked familiar 🤔. M is a Nation

Cleo Ice Queen

The Queen of Ice and and baddest female rapper in the land looks beautiful in everything..Her dress at the 8th Edition of Lusaka July was everything beautiful the only miss was the material used.. Wish she had used a Shire kind of fabric..All in all she looked stunning

Mercy Mukwiza

Mecry Mukwiza came through in her Shire shinny gown with less accessories looking gorgeous.. Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go.

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