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Copper belt based legendary the king of hiphop artist Mulaza kaira popularly known as Macky 2 has signed a petition called no change no musician at Zambian music award ZMA award powered by Mosi lager this year.
The petition has hooked 90% of Zambian musician country wide who are interested in seing real change in the awards toward their efforts in uplifting the Zambian music industry.
The big brother Hotshot said he really cares about this because he loves it to see change in the giving awards.
Macky 2 on his facebook page stated that it is unfair for the organizers of Zambian music award to give an ward of K3000-4000 to an artist adding that thee money is too little to appreciate someone efforts.
He castigated that looking at the economy and the way Zambian music is dominating its very much far to award an artist K3000.
He has called on all Zambian music artist and models to join hand in advocating and stand still and demand the increase before the award kicks off.
He said that this time the should consider awarding all the artist in different provinces in Zambia in order to have new Zambian musician on board.
When You Trying Unite People There Is Always That 1 Chap Talking Crash And Saying You Are Crazy..But The People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World.. Are The Ones Who Do.We Are Just Warming Up.” Says Marky 2”
And commenting on the petition Richard Mulenga AKA t sean has also added his view on the increase of the award saying the idea is awesome as this will maintain the quality of awardfs to be given in different categories.
T_sean has commended Macky 2 two for the brilliant idea of petitioning the peole in for front to rethink their lamp some award to Zambian musician.
Meanwhile rich bizzy has also encouraged all Zambian musicians to stand up and fight for the petition in order to change the music aspect.
And one of the models Camila supported mackys petition on the increase and she has said Zambian music awards should and if no is take a step will always remain on the same thing.
And one of the controversial Zambia Hipo – Pop rapper C.E.O of XYZ entertainment Slapdee Says truth is you can’t make money off an award show.
he explained that It’s all for recognition and appreciation of hard work put in.
Slap dee explained that Win or lose an award show motivates legendary, upcoming and persistent artists.
Sap dee has questioned all the supporters of the marcky two petition saying How many organisations in Zambia would pump in so much into music?
He further stated that They would rather sponsor sport regardless of how rubbish it is because of their professionalism.
In the years I’ve been in this game, I have learnt that to be big you need to be humble to the finger that feeds you. Now I know some will ask ‘but Slap you did the same ku Trade Fair? Well the difference is I was being asked to go and perform not to be honored or recognized for my hard work “he said.
He further explained that the money was meant for him to feed, accommodate and provide logistics for his entire team.
He further cited that for those that don’t know ZMAs will pay 3/4 bands for you to pick from and provide you with the finest set to walk or perform on (if you are nominated).
Slap Dee concluded in brief while going straight to the point saying Last year the whole copper belt won awards gang stole the show! Nominations are on, stop

Meanwhile zambiantunes executive director Peter mwape and the team have encouraged ZMA award sponsor to rethink on thye concern raised by the music during this registration going on at the moment.
Mwape said it is so imperative to listen and use the platform to engage all the musician in a normal to agree on one the thing that will benefit all the parties equally.
He said awarding only Lusaka and copper belt based artist is not good move stating that the final awards are being broadcasted on ZNBC and all the nation are watching.
Mwape encouraged the organizer to start nomination in all provinces starting from southern province which was sidelined all along.
By jublee Malambo.

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